GAETK2 - Google App Engine Toolkit 2

gaetk2 is a modern approach to developing Python Code on Google App Engine. It is a reimplementation of appengine-toolkit <>. appengine-toolkit was a transfer of the techniques we used before in Django to the early Google App Engine Plattform. It was different time when it was developed - back then XML was still cool and REST was all the rage and App Engine was nearly feature free. Even webapp2 had not been developed.

gaetk2 is used in some big internal projects and tries to cover most of what an Web Application might need.


  • Infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Sane Error Logging and Reporting with nice tracebacks during development. Including Error Reporting to Sentry. See Error Handling Guide.
  • A configuration Framework in config
  • A Simple, roubust framework for acceptance tests in resttestlib
  • gaetk2.forms.wtfbootstrap3() to teach a WTForm bootstrap rendering.
  • gaetk2.helpers.check404() to save boilerplate on loading datastore entries etc.
  • Lot’s of Template-Filters we use day to day in jinja_filters.
  • Common conventions for ndb/datastore usage in datastore.
  • Export of Datastore-Queries to XLS or CSV in gaetk2.modelexporter.
  • An port of the Django Admin Site in gaetk2.admin.
  • Day-do-day functionality in tools. Mostly meant for internal use but also available to you. Most noteworty:


  • structured
  • ids
  • hujson2
  • http
  • auth0tools


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